I added some pictures from our trip to Canada in 2019. We spent two weeks in the Canadian Rockies and one week on Vancouver Island. Perfect for anybody who loves spectacular landscapes... and bears.

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Another update (finally)

No no, this website is not dead... I added more pictures and I hope you'll like them. I'm still planning to add more this year.

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Big update

I finally found some time to put more pictures online... I hope you'll enjoy them. I still need to add more landscapes pictures.

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I added some pictures from our travel to Spitsbergen. We spent three weeks in this amazing place, including 15 days on a sailing ship. Have a look at the pictures if you enjoy polar bears, birds and impressive northern landscapes.

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After several years of inaction, I finally managed to build a small website to show some of my photos. You will mostly find wildlife and landscape pictures that I took during my travels or while I was hiking some mountains in Switzerland. Thanks to the cool features provided by SmugMug, the design is also optimized for smartphones.

I hope you will enjoy the photos shown here!

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